What is the most important step in the hiring process?

Tracking talent across the entire portfolio and monitoring key metrics (such as hiring time) can help the final stage of the process go smoothly. Online systems with electronic signatures streamline paperwork, ensure that data is collected accurately, and save time for everyone (including new employees). However, it's something you should work on to hire the best people and comply with legal regulations. A hiring process includes all the steps from the job description to the offer letter, including the initial application, selection (either by phone or through a one-way video interview), face-to-face interviews, evaluations, background checks, and all the other elements crucial to hiring the right person.

Start today by requesting a demo or posting a job for free to discover how Workable can help you find and hire great people. If, for example, you implement a new evaluation tool before the interview phase, you can track the long-term impact on hiring quality to ensure that the tool is doing what it's supposed to do. For example, they are very interested in maintaining IT security in the company, so they will want the new employee to be fully trained on workplace security requirements. Everyone involved in the decision or affected by the new hire must be involved in the process, which means coming up with a concise plan to keep everyone in the know.

Roberts said that her company's onboarding process begins with a welcome package (an offer letter, documentation for the new hire, information on benefits and a handbook for employees) and continues with orientation and training until the first day the employee performs her new duties. In some cases, the paperwork can be one-time, in which a template is created and the necessary information is entered for each new hire. Keep in mind that, in many cases, these steps can be managed by the recruiter through automation, although the final decision must always be a human decision. Research suggests that instinct remains the dominant factor in making a final decision about hiring candidates, despite focusing on analyzing people to successfully acquire talent.

Even though you've hired your new employee, onboarding is still considered a crucial part of the hiring system. You can learn a lot if you quickly analyze social media accounts, especially about the type of person who could become your new employee. They review resumes and disqualify them or are processing them, interviewing candidates and making the final decision about who to hire. But what about your recruiters? Are they outstanding players? Otherwise, it's going to be difficult to convince candidates that your company does hire top-notch players.