How long does it take for an employer to make a hiring decision?

There is no hard and fast rule about how long it will take employers to respond to you with a job offer (or a job rejection). The hiring process can vary from employer to employer, the type of job you apply for, and the industry in which you work. You may receive an offer in a day or two, or it may take weeks. In addition, many companies begin the hiring process with a long “wish list” of skills or experience they are looking for in a new employee.

New research reveals how employers make decisions about candidates and what you can learn from the length of your job interview. Finally, since the cost of poor hiring is so high, companies are adding more stakeholders to the interview process in the hope of avoiding a hiring error. If the employer doesn't take the time to ask you difficult questions and to really get to know you, they may not be seriously considering you for the position. But how long does it really take for a hiring manager to evaluate an employee and make a decision? This will keep you too busy to worry about just one position and could even cause multiple employers to compete to hire you.

In many cases, finding the perfect employee who meets all of these requirements isn't realistic, but hiring managers may still need time to decide which skills are truly critical. If the employer has made the rash decision not to hire you, then you really don't need to spend that much time getting to know you afterwards. His recommendation for companies looking to hire staff was to keep the number of consecutive interviews at four to avoid that type of sudden trial exhaustion. According to the United States Department of Labor, the cost of a bad hire is around 30% of that employee's first year's income, so companies want to make sure they take the time to research potential employees before making any commitments.

Take the necessary steps to first identify the best candidates in the market and then streamline the hiring process so that those candidates remain engaged until you can successfully recruit and hire them.